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Photo & Video

Photo shoot

Your results are already worthy of admiration? Then let people admire you! Blow up facebook and instagramm. Get thousands of Likes in VK and "Odnoklassniki"! What you need for it? Just put your trust in the hands of professionals, who help us organize photo and video sessions for our charming girls about once every 3 months, each time creating new original images.

During the warmer months the shootings will be set in the beautiful nooks and corners of Moscow that have won over so many hearts: the busy streets and quiet lanes, shady parks and sun-lit squares. In winter spacious studios and lofts of the capital will open their doors for us.

Each photo session is a new adventure that will never be repeated. Our partners - a photographer, a cameraman, a makeup artist and a stylist – will make their contribution to the creation of a new masterpiece.

A professional makeup artist will prepare the participants for the shoot, thinking through every detail of the hair style and make-up so that they fit perfectly with your selected items of clothing and footwear. A dance instructor with modeling experience will be helping with the poses.

• Group photo session – a low budget option

Takes place with 3-5 participants. In this case, the photographer works with each participant for 2-3 hours. As a result, each of them gets 5 professionally retouched ballet photos, including one portrait.

• Individual photo session -

It may last from early morning till late in the evening. The undivided attention of the invited experts will be solely yours!

During the preparation for the shoot we will suggest several ideas for your look, that, in our opinion, would be the most flattering to you and will bring out the potential of your appearance and temperament. You already have your own vision for the future photo shoot and a clear preference of location? Fantastic! We will make sure all your requirements are met.

As a result of the photo shoot you will get 10 professionally retouched ballet photos, one of them will be a framed large scale portrait of you. We can create a different style for each image, or make several miniseries.

Video shooting

Do you want to capture your achievements and please yourself and the loved ones, to gain new admirers and to collect thousands of likes in the social networks? All our students are welcome to take part in video shootings, organized by Ya Ya Dance School.

We will do everything to make sure you look amazing on film. To achieve that we work on the plot and the screenplay in detail. The shootings are conducted by experienced cameramen, who by mere touch of their hands transform the camera into a magical tool that changes the reality, filling it with color and beauty. Video shootings allow not only to communicate the beauty of the body, but also the emotions, the inner state of mind, the gleam in the eyes and the joy of doing what you love.

Your desire is key for us! We will help you realize your idea, or suggest our concept for the video.

To complete the image, the videos are shot in various open and closed scenic venues in Moscow, depending on your preferences.

The make up artist and the stylist will help us make you look irresistible, by developing a bright personal style for you. We will also provide the costumes for shootings. You can perform on pointe to accentuate your grace and elegance.

As a result you will get a personal video one minute long. But most importantly - unforgettable memories and attention, and an opportunity to meet new people, as this video won’t leave anyone untouched.

You have your own ideas, script or location for the shoot? That's great, we welcome all that is new and creative and will be glad to incorporate you wildest dreams into this project.

Use this opportunity and you will get a memorable adventure, cause others to admire you, make your loved ones proud, share your inner self and meet new people.

Treat yourself to some happy moments and admiration of those around you!    

XPrivate Classes

It is easier to succeed when there’s someone by your side. To climb the Everest of your dreams, be it perfecting your body or reaching your inner core, you need a professional instructor. Such professional can help you with the most effective plan and objectives.

Private classes are based on individual needs and desires, they take into account your physical and psychological traits. You will be motivated and guided under a watchful eye of the instructor, who will assist you in reaching your goals quicker. The price will be based on the complexity of the program, your goals, timeframe and is discussed with every student individually.


Contact info: tel.: +7-915-482-45-87, email: info@yayadance.ru


What makes us unique is that we help the child not only to unlock the potential, but also to develop physically, release tension, become confident and make new friends. Dance classes enhance children’s mental abilities as well as the physical ones. They also play a special part in stabilising a child’s psycho-emotional state, by allowing to express their creativity and individuality.

The groups open for new students at present are:

1. 3 to 4 years old - rhythmoplastics and choreography

2. 5-6 years old - choreography and dance

3. 7-8 yeas old - choreography and dance.

In the course of studies children are introduced to the basic dance elements and movements, space orientation skills, parter gymnastics, dance etudes, entertaining dynamic games and plastique development.

Our teachers have great experience, which helps them make the classes interesting and enjoyable for the little dancers. We offer a modern educational program which encludes:

- warm up

- stretching

- mastering ballet hands positions

- group games

- dance and improvisation.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

We also have a unique opportunity to offer lessons in English as well as in Russian. If you want your child to combine studies with pleasure and enjoy learning the language - choose Ya Ya Dance and we will help your child to master foreign language communication skills along with the beautiful dancing. This will become an unforgettable experience full of dancing and playing in the native or foreign language.

Your children will have a lot of fun and a unique experience!


Если Вы профессионал своего дела и увлечены профессией, у Вас много опыта в танцевальной сфере – добро пожаловать в наш дружный коллектив! Мы ценим  оптимистичных людей, готовых с легкостью влиться в новый коллектив.

Сегодня нам требуются:

1. педагоги для следующих танцевальных направлений:

·         Латинские тансы:bachata salsa.

·         Cовременные танцы для девушек: Go Go, srip, high heels.

·         Классические направления: балет и растяжка.

Так же мы будем приветствовать наличие спортивных достижений, большой опыт, профессиональное образование и целеустремленность.  Особенный интерес для нас предоставляют педагоги со знанием английского языка, способные вести занятия с иностранцами и людьми, стремящихся освоить английский язык.

2. Менеджер по продвижению.

Нам нужен незаменимый помошник в развитии нашего дела, который бы хорошо ориентировался в современных маркетинговых коммуникациях.

Наши гарантии – это стабильная заработная плата высокого уровня, доброжелательный коллектив и достойные условия.

Если Вы уверены, что одна из предложенных нами вакансий Вам подходит, то обращайтесь по телефону (915) 482-4587.


We are open to any partnership! If you have ideas for our mutual development through partnership, we will be happy to discuss them at your convenience. We welcome any ideas, so please don’t hold back.

The form of partnership may vary from a one time project to a permanent collaboration.We are happy to communicate and will appreciate your interest in our company!



If you are a professional in your field, you love what you do and have a lot of experienсe in the dance sphere - welcome to our dancing family! We appreciate optimism and readiness to become a part of a new team.

Right now we are looking for:

1. Teachers for the following dance styles:

- Latin dance: bachata, salsa

- Modern dance for girls: Go Go, strip, high heels

- Classical dance: ballet and stretching.

We also highly value athletic achievements, extensive experience, professional education and commitment. We are especially interested in English speakers, who would be able to teach expats and those who are learning English as a foreign language.

2. Promotion manager.

We are looking for an indispensable assistant for developing our business, who would know his/her way in the up-to-date marketing communication systems. We guarantee: a high and stable income, a friendly team, proper working conditions.

If you feel that one of our vacancies fits you perfectly, please contact us 8 915 482 4587

XAbout YaYaDance

It is not your physical shape that matters most but the willingness to improve. Regardless of age, one can strike a balance between elegant body and flourishing soul. From now on, ballet dancers’ unique approach is the benchmark of grace and flexibility in the Big City.

YaYaDANCE, a school of ballet and stretching in Moscow, is a perfect mix of the American fitness and Russian passion for a classic dance. Guided by an experienced coach from the US, Ekaterina Yurochkina, you will be reaching for new heights.

You too can have a sensual figure, impeccable posture and legs of a ballet dancer. Individual training method will gradually introduce you to the basics of a classic dance and stretching. The intensity of the workout is well balanced. Each class includes parterre gymnastics, a variety of stretching exercises, barre exercises and dancing (battement, jumps, pirouettes, etc.), which make it more dynamic and engaging. The classes are conducted in English, it is a workout for your body and mind.Best dance studios in Moscow will inspire you, whereas photo shoots and video recording at the end of the class will boost your confidence.

YaYaDANCE is growing and getting better each day. Our team is comprised exclusively of native English language professionals with experience in dancing and fitness. Soon we’re planning to launch new and exciting programs, be it animated Latin American dances or health-improving choreography for kids. YaYaKIDS.


Weekly Schedule


 9:00 am- 10:00 am Ballet class

10:00 am- 10:30 am Point work

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Stretching  class


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Body-Ballet 


 9:00 am - 10:00 am Ballet class

 10:00 am - 11:00 am Stretching class


 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Stretching class

 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Ballet class


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Ballet class

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Body-Ballet class

Single class – 600 rubles

6 classes - 3000 rubles 

12 classes - 6000 rubles 

Morning classes M. 1905 г. Zvenigorodskoye shosse д.3, Loft #1 «Gold&Dance»

Evening & Weekend classes М. Tretyaovskaya: Malaya Ordynka St. 25, «Gold&Dance»

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About Instructor


Ekaterina Yurochkina has devoted all her life to ballet. She spent her childhood and adolescence in Russia practicing professional classic dance and acrobatics. When an adult, she moved to the US and entered a renowned studio of Dance Conservatory of New York, under the leadership of Valentina Kozlova, who became her mentor and coach, and who herself had broad experience on stage, including that of Bolshoi Theatre. Among other well known instructors of Ekaterina are David Howard, Aleksandr Filippov and Edward Ellison.

She adopted their choreographic artistry, encompassing Russian ingenuity and American skillfulness. During the ten years spent in New York she performed on different stages and took part in multiple projects. At the same time she worked as a model in the fashion industry where she became familiar with theater aesthetics, makeup and professional standards on the runway.

Gained experience is at the core of Ekaterina’s unique ballet and stretching methodology, defined by its individual touch and effective result for people of any age and physical shape. Her mission is to adapt ballet to living in a present-day metropolis. Until 2013 she had taught ballet and stretching to children and adults in New York City. Now she came back to Moscow to share her expertise and secrets of harmonious well-being with Russian folks.

             ballet & stretching school
+7 915 482 45 87 info@yayadance.ru Moscow City, 25 Malaya Ordynka St.

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 All classes are in English language!
  • Do you want to be flexible and slim?

  • Do you want to have a perfect posture?

  • Do you want to dance on point shoes?

  • Do you want to meet new friends?

  • Do you want to relieve stress?

  • Do you want to have lean, strong body?

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