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What makes us unique is that we help the child not only to unlock the potential, but also to develop physically, release tension, become confident and make new friends. Dance classes enhance children’s mental abilities as well as the physical ones. They also play a special part in stabilising a child’s psycho-emotional state, by allowing to express their creativity and individuality.

  • 1. 3 to 4 years old – rhythmoplastics and choreography
  • 2. 5-6 years old – choreography and dance
  • 3. 7-8 yeas old – choreography and dance.

In the course of studies children are introduced to the basic dance elements and movements, space orientation skills, parter gymnastics, dance etudes, entertaining dynamic games and plastique development.

Our teachers have great experience, which helps them make the classes interesting and enjoyable for the little dancers.

We offer a modern educational program which encludes:

  • – warm up
  • – stretching
  • – mastering ballet hands positions
  • – group games
  • – dance and improvisation
  • Each lesson lasts 45 minutes

We also have a unique opportunity to offer lessons in English as well as in Russian. If you want your child to combine studies with pleasure and enjoy learning the language – choose Ya Ya Dance and we will help your child to master foreign language communication skills along with the beautiful dancing. This will become an unforgettable experience full of dancing and playing in the native or foreign language.

Your children will have a lot of fun and a unique experience!

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